Sheepskin, Tibetan. Coloured


These are the most beautiful and gorgeously soft sheepskins ever. They are from a native sheep breed from Tibet and Mongolia that is starting to get rare as Chinese sheep farmers turn to modern breeds.

Most tanneries want white sheepskins so they can dye them, so it took some work to find a tannery willing to take in and sell me these coloured sheepskins, so they are very rare and you are unlikely to find them anywhere else, and certainly not in Australia.

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These fine, long wool sheepskins should not be used as rugs as walking on them can cause them to felt over time. They should also not be combed or brushed as that will separate the wool fibres, and they will lose the unique look. I recommend that they be draped over a chair or sofa. I’ve seen some lovely cushions, coats and bags made out of them too.

Although they can be washed (by hand) I recommend that you don’t unless you really have to. It’s best to spot wash with a damp cloth if necessary, and shake them outside occasionally to shake out any dust.

There is only one of each skin, as every one is unique.


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