Sheepskin – Brushed. Brown/reddish


This sheepskin is brushed to make the short wool very dense and spongy, which makes it great for sitting or lying on.

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This sheepskin is short wool (shearling) and brushed in order to make the wool very dense. This makes it perfect for laying or sitting on. It is fine for use as a rug, but it is also lovely to place on a chair or under your bottom sheet if you need some extra soft comfort. The dye is a little uneven because it is hand dyed.

Size: 112 x 66 cm Measured from rump to neck, and across the belly. Some sellers measure hides diagonally from leg to leg but I find that a little misleading and makes the skin look bigger.

Suitable for:

  • Rug
  • Ugg boots
  • Sheepskin hat
  • Seat cover


Please note: this skin is tanned by me with hand tools, no power tools have been used. I don’t have the machinery that a tannery has, so my skins won’t be quite as soft or neat on the back.


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