Make your own WAND kit


Make your own wand. This kit comes with a raw, native, tea tree branch that you can turn into your own, hand made wand. Every branch is specially chosen for its shape and feel. There are natural so none will be the same.

Comes with:

  • Tea tree branch
  • Sheet of sandpaper
  • Piece of amethyst crystal
  • Piece of native grass tree resin
  • Bag of fibre to mix with the resin
  • Large rabbit pelt to wrap your wand in. Charcoal colour by default, unless you ask for another colour at checkout (white, grey)
  • Instructions

If you prefer another fabric instead of the rabbit pelt tell me at checkout.

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Hand making your own wand makes it more personal, and helps you to have a closer relationship with you. It’s not difficult.

Tea tree is a native wood that has an affinity for water, and is good for both beginners and more experienced witches to use. This kit comes with a piece of amethyst that you can adhere to the tip of your wand with the grass tree resin to help with focus, but it is optional as the wand will work quite well on it’s own. I love tea tree as the branches have a lovely pattern and texture when smoothed.

Basic Instructions:

1, Trim the bark or whittle the stick as you like with a small, sharp knife (vegetable knife or craft knife), then use the sand paper to rub it smooth. Cut to size if it’s a bit too long.

2, If you are going to use the crystal, the resin can be heated in a small pot or ladle on your stove or on a small fire or BBQ outside. When melted you add the fibres to it so it isn’t as brittle as it is without. Just dip the end of the wand into the resin, swirl it about and take it out and hold the crystal into it and let cool. be careful as the resin will be very hot.

3, cleanse your new wand in moonlight

4, Keep wrapped in the rabbit pelt when not in use, to protect it.

Wood type

Tea Tree, Stringy bark gum, Native Cherry, Oak, Acacia, Banksia


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