Make your own – soft leather pouch kit


Here is all you need to make this pouch that you can ear to medieval festivals.

You’ll get:

  • Leather pieces (random colours unless you state a colour at checkout)
  • Card templates to use to draw the right shapes on your leather pieces to cut out
  • Leather sewing needle and thread
  • Faux suede lace
  • Easy sew-on magnetic catch buckle

Have fun making this pouch. You can use it to take your phone or change to a festival and look the part. Just place your belt through the belt loops.

It’s really easy to make, but the sewing needle is sharp so should not be used by children. I’ve bled on my projects a few times myself, lol. The buckle has pre-punched holes to help you – yeah, I don’t have much of an excuse for the crooked buckle in my test pouch in the photos.

You’ll get two different colours of soft leather. I think having the inner gusset a different colour or shade than the back and flap looks nice. The inner gusset has a drawstring to keep everything in.

I’ll usually send brown shades, but it is random, so if you really want a certain colour (brown, tan, green), let me know at checkout.

You’ll need to supply – good scissors with sharp point(to cut and make holes). I’m not adding a leather punch to this kit because if you buy more than one kit you really don’t want a heap of expensive leather punches adding up. I will make a tool kit later in another listing for use with this kind of leather.


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