Cows Tails


Cow tails have traditionally been attached to sticks and used as fly whisks in parts of Africa, as well as used in ceremonial purposes by witch doctors. What uses can you come up with?

These are tanned and stiff but flexible. I’m working on making them softer. They’re not hard, but like cardboard.

I will try to send you the best tails with the most hair on them, but since most of the ones I get are from young cattle, they don’t usually have a great deal of hair on them.

First grade: Nice lot of tail hair

Second grade: Faults, including less tail hair

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The photos show typical tails. They come in: mostly red hair, mostly black, and mostly white, but some bicolour ones too (red and white, or black and white).



Red, White, Black, bicoloured


First Grade, Second Grade


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