Hide and fur care


  1. BEAT AND SHAKE – Every few weeks or month take your rug outdoors and give it a very good shake to remove dust and other dirt particles. If required ‘beat’ the rug on the leather side with a broom handle or similar implement.
  2. VACUUM – Once shaken but it still looks a bit dusty, run a vacuum cleaner over your rug to pick up all other dust and other dirt particles.

We usually find that these steps are sufficient to keep your rug clean for many years without the need for other washing or laundering.

DRY CLEANING – These rugs are dry cleanable by professional dry-cleaners


1, Sponge off small stains using a damp cloth.4, Brush hair while still damp.
2, If further cleaning is required you can use a damp cloth with a liquid wool cleanser.5, Slow drying will give the best results for your hide rug. Hang to dry over a line or rail but keep away from hot sun or artificial heat like radiators.
3, Mix the liquid cleanser with water and use the FROTH only to clean. Avoid too much water.6, When nearly dry, stretch by hand in all directions and finally to the required shape.


If you do need to wash your hide, place it in a large tub of warm, not hot, water and add a little hair shampoo or dishwashing liquid. Swish the skin in the water and rub the dirty area with your fingers for a few minutes.

Let the water out of the tub and squeeze out the skin as much as you can.

Hang the skin over a clean rail or washing line until dry. Stretch it by hand to soften it.


  • Don’t use laundry detergent or bleach on the hide when washing, even laundry detergents that are formulated for wool, they will still damage the leather
  • Do not place in a drier

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